NU Production have been providing production services since 2008. Based in Hamburg/Germany, our growing in-house team comes with over 25 years of combined local and international production experience and an unrivalled knowledge/know how.

Hannes Deter

Hannes Deter

hannes (at) nu-projects.com

Executive Producer

After running through all Production stages in the commercial film business, Hannes decided in 2008 to open up his own business in the Photography world. He was always fascinated by stills and still is.

He produced in almost every country of the world. His knowledge and charisma will run your production smoothly in almost every situation. 

Juk Nguyen

Juk Nguyen

juk (at) nu-projects.com

Executive Producer / Casting Executive

Juk studied Photography at HFBK in Hamburg. After finishing his studies he assisted and travelled the world. Besides his fascination for the Photographic field , he managed a Hotel In Vietnam for 2 years. 

Packed with all his skills he joined our Team in 2009. 

You`ll love his charismatic enthusiasm for his work.



berlin (at) nu-projects.com

Producer Berlin

OurProducer knows Berlin like the back of his hand, That`s why we partnered up to run our Berlin based office with him from 2015 on.

Starting as Location Scout in 2007 he passed several stages in photo production, working as photo assistant, producer and project manager for photographers, advertsising and photographer agencies.

His wonderfully persuasive calm way will make you feel safe and comfortable during the whole production.

Tina "Power" Arp


tina (at) nu-projects.com

Junior Producer

Tina is our newest member of the nu family. She shares the passion for Photography as we do. Our ways crossed through family and we `re more than happy that she decided to join us. 

Carina Knispel

Carina Knispel

carina (at) nu-projects.com

Casting Associate

Carina joined our Team in 2015. She is an uncompromising help for our Team. 

She studied communication & art direction at Designfactory in Hamburg.

She went to Milan to finetune her skills working for a magazine and advertising agency.

She started to miss Hamburg and returned working for model agencies and finally ended up with nu.

sabine flak

sabine flak

account (at) nu-projects.com


Our lovely Head of Numbers. 

If you`ve any questions concerning your unpaid invoices, best lunch tips in town, call her.



fred (at) brasil-locations.com

Producer / Brasil

Fred travelled all the World to find his Place to be in Itacare, Bahia.

Here he founded his little dream of life. His Facienda Sitio Gran Paraiso. Besides helping to find the best Spots in Bahia, he`s teaching young People how to grow fruits and vegetables in a sustainable way and to preserve the Brasilian jungle.

We Service the Area of Bahia, Rio de Janeiro (Sao Paulo).

Fluent in French, Portuguese and English.



paris (at) nu-projects.com

Producer Paris

Being in Paris made him happy and the same he does for our clients.

Whether you want a special and unique fashion show or the latest young face which is the next superstar. He runs our french productions full of passion.

Fluent in French, English and German.



barcelona (at) nu-projects.com

Producer Barcelona

Our local hero in Barcelona produced for a number of well known photographers. He knows the city and finds always corners which you haven`t seen before.

Fluent in Spanish, English and German